“Nobody” gets nominated for a Grammy

“Nobody” gets nominated for a Grammy

This feeling is one that I am not familiar with – the feeling of knowing that an album which I have largely participated in is now defined as GRAMMY® Nominated! De La Soul’s ‘And The Anonymous Nobody’ is Nominated for a GRAMMY®! I truly appreciate these brothers for allowing me to orchestrate this album, much more giving me the freedom to do the string arrangements to these songs which were already amazing when I first heard them.


Upon working with The Foreign Exchange, I was introduced to and began working with Carmen Rodgers, who introduced me to many of her colleagues and friends (Shaun Martin, Larry ‘SymbolicOne’ Griffin, Avery Sunshine and ‘Supa’ Dave West), to which ‘Supa’ Dave West as a producer of the De La Soul Album decided to have me participate in the album. Supa Dave and De La Soul gave me some instrumental pieces and asked me to do what I do with complete freedom; these songs were ‘Genesis’, ‘Memory’, and later in the album’s production, ‘Pain’. I did not know the artists they had planned for these works, which ended up being Jill Scott, Estelle, Pete Rock, and Snoop Dogg – until I heard the album. Needless to say – I was honored beyond words. The whole album is amazing (my favorite joints are ‘Greyhounds’, ‘Royalty Capes’, ‘Lord Intended’ and ‘Drawn’ (with Little Dragon). When the album landed in the Number One slot on two Billboard Charts, and Number Three in another – I just considered it to be a blessing – Good albums deserve to be fully recognized in that capacity and this was a good album with or without my strings…it’s DE LA SOUL (lyrically, Posdnous and Dave are some of the most intelligent writers on earth – EMCEES to be reckoned with) –  However, it being GRAMMY® Nominated? That is AWESOME and I am GRATEFUL. Win or lose – ‘Nobody’ won with me…I’m grateful to be along on this journey with my newfound famille De La Soul (Family Of The Soul). Below is the video for the song ‘Memory Of..(US)’ featuring Estelle and Pete Rock (who intros it with the strings from ‘Genesis’)

Also the album from Louie Vega  – ‘Louie Vega Starring XXVIII’ which features Diviniti on the song ‘Everlasting Love’ is nominated for a GRAMMY® Award also. I am a co-writer on that song with Diviniti and Louie Vega. This will be Louie’s second GRAMMY® Nomination. The song ‘Everlasting Love’, is number 27 on the double album set. It’s definitely reminiscent of the classic ‘Diviniti’ sound with interweaving harmonies, and positive lyrics. That’s how we do – which brings me to talk about the person I started speaking about first – CARMEN RODGERS. In 2017, Diviniti and I will be presenting Carmen to the world of Dance Music with a tune entitled ‘The Beauty Of Life’. In the words of my brother Phonte – man, look..just be ready… it’s on it’s way.

I’m grateful to be a part of all this wonderful music, from the mainstream to the underground – I’m grateful for us coming together to create it. If you’d like to see more blog posts.. 

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