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Pirahnahead: The Musician

First and foremost, pirahnahead is a lover of music and a musician who is a multi-instrumentalist (as well as a well versed selector / DJ). He plays Guitar, Bass, Keys & Electronics, and various other instruments.  Read more about his work as a musician, and music lover.

Pirahnahead: Producer-Arranger Engineer

Having worked in studios before the Digital Era, Pirahnahead wants to make it clear; He does not make beats, he makes beats make sense. Pirahnahead has an full understanding of what it takes to make a record, from a multi-genre standpoint due to his wide range of musical influence

Pirahnahead: Orchestrator & String Arranger

Pirahnahead is well known for this particular aspect of his musicianship; THE STRINGS. Having orchestrated two GRAMMY nominated projects, he and his 'Soulchestra' strings add something special to any project.

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If you have any questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out, and let's make music happen. 

Maurice "Pirahnahead" Herd

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