Producer / Arranger - Engineer

Since the early 1980’s, Maurice ‘Pirahnahead’ Herd has worked toward being the musically driven individual he is today. A record producer/engineer with 30 years experience, he still uses the various techniques and knowledge he gained from many greats. He’s a ‘purist’ having learned the old-school way; threading tape machines, setting up microphones, and making coffee. Learning at the Recording Institute of Detroit in 1990 prepared him to become chief engineer at Studio 707 in Lansing, MI - which led the charge in Analog/Digital hybrid recording rooms in 1992. Since, he has engineered at the infamous United Sound Systems and is currently at Al Sutton’s Rustbelt Studios (which just rebirthed Rock & Roll with the band Greta Van Fleet [Lava-Republic / Universal)

Produced by Pirahnahead, Diviniti’s ‘Find A Way’ became a dancefloor anthem in 2004 and is still a staple. It was even sampled by The Foreign Exchange in 'Asking For a Friend' (Tales from the Land Of Milk & Honey, 2015). Since then, Pirahnahead has remixed for top-notch artists: Kem, Avery Sunshine, Marva King, and Lex Empress. Hailed by many DJ’s and tastemakers, he launched the label Whasdat Music in 2006, and released dancefloor gems by Diviniti, Arnold Jarvis, Carolyn Victorian, Carmen Rodgers and Carolyn Harding. In 2014, he co-wrote the release “Everlasting Love” with Diviniti and Louie Vega which is featured on Louie Vega’s GRAMMYTM nominated album Louie Vega Starring XXXIV. Pirahnahead (also being a Funk & R&B/Soul producer) received a Detroit Music Award in 2017 for ‘outstanding EDM producer’. Pirahnahead is now producing Les Nubians upcoming album, set to drop in 2019.